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When I Walk in Boots I Found

Liene Pavlovska (Rīga)
8 - 18 September Vidzemes Market | Free event

At the Festival center in Vidzemes Market, artist Liene Pavlovska creates an artwork within the uneven grounds of design and personal storytelling. With
this work she continues her artistic research started at Helsinki International Artist Programme where she explored local spatial configurations and spatial restrictions related to the concepts of periphery and the center, planning and scale, ambiguity and particularity. At Vidzemes Market Pavlovska works towards a 1:1 scale model, combining elements and tools from theatre and cinema to create a moment of togetherness, a pause, a play. The situation inquires what constitutes the real, and what the desirable?

Description of access: we recommend arriving from Brīvības Street. You may have to overcome uneven coverage in the Market area. The events of the festival will take place in 3 venues in the market area, which are located close to each other. Go to the yellow pavilion.


Latvian artist, builder, and scenographer Liene Pavlovska is often using theatrical modes of expression in the context of visual art. Her work begins with the interest in socio-economic models and collective desires resulting from them, as well as how they determine the living space of humans and other beings. Her works manifest as immersive multimedia installations built around the role of the spectator and actor and the blurred boundaries between them. She has studied at Art Academy of Latvia Department of scenography and Sandberg Institute Studio for Immediate Spaces. In 2019, she worked towards her first solo show Close Your Eyes and Smile (Kim?, Riga). In 2020, she was a resident at Helsinki International Artist Programme and Nida Art Colony Residency Programme.


Concept, artist: Liene Pavlovska
Built together with: Oskars Pavlovskis, Zahars Ze and Didzi Paegli
Producer: Ieva Briede, Latvijas Jaunā teātra institūts
Photo: Sheung Yiu

8 - 18


Vidzemes Market

Free event


Non-verbal, printed guidance indications in Latvian, Russian, English

Open daily from 12:00 to 21:00 (10.09, 11.09To 19:30; closed on Monday 13.09.)

Opening - 8.9 18:00

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